Visiting Jacksonville: An Introduction

The largest city in the state of Florida, in the United States, Jacksonville exceeds all expectations in both tourist and development areas around the world, not to mention its impressive population of more than one million.

Jacksonville is located in the northeast region of the state, on the banks of the San Juan River, about 40 kilometers from the state line of Georgia and only 550 kilometers from Miami, so we can visit the city if we are visiting its neighbors. The city is well known for its beautiful beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

Places of Jacksonville

The area used to be lived by the Timucua tribe, although in 1564 it was taken over by the French colony of Fort Caroline, one of the oldest European settlements in the entire US territory.

Its location near the river facilitated the construction of two bases of the Navy that we can visit and also the Port of Jacksonville, which is the third largest in the entire state. The local economy is mainly governed by services of economic level, but its main attraction will always be tourism, more for all those athletes who wish to practice on the most beautiful golf courses.

Jacksonville is where the largest urban park system in the country is situated, with stores and services that extend to more than 337 locations in what would be considered 320 square kilometers throughout the city.

Thus, all those who visit it will not only be able to enjoy its impressive panorama that includes the beauties of the San Juan River and the Atlantic Ocean, but they will also be able to count on the parks and can do fishing, swimming, jet ski, surfing and other activities.

Hikes and events in Jacksonville

Those who like to visit this fantastic city can also enjoy the different events that take place in it, like the Jazz Festival of Jacksonville, one of the oldest in the world, as well as Spring the Blues, which takes place in Jacksonville Beach since 1990.

Since 2003 you can also enjoy the annual Jacksonville Film Festival, which is screened in seven historic cinemas in the city and shows a variety of independent films, documentaries, and short films.

In the center of the city, we can find Jacksonville Landing, a shopping center with all our favorite things that can only be accessed by River Taxi, and Jacksonville Riverwalks. The latter are divided into Northbank Riverwalk, which extends for 3.2 kilometers, and Southbank Riverwalk, 1.9 kilometers. If you want to rest after the walk, the Amistad Park is your ideal place which is homes to the Fountain of Friendship, one of the most popular and beautiful attractions of such a beautiful city.

What do you think of Jacksonville? Do you plan to travel to Florida and visit this city?

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